Positive Intent Beauty
Positive Intent Beauty

Positive Intent Beauty


We are an intentful beauty brand where beauty meets purposeful manifestation. We harness the law of attraction with the use of powerful mantras, aromatic fragrances and rich creamy ingredients to align with every item’s unique intention. We inspire positivity to support mood, mind and body.

My name is Alexandria Pledger and I’m the CEO of Positive Intent. I want to tell you a little about myself, five years ago, I’d been working in the food, nutrition and skincare industry. I’d evaluated, implemented and conducted research for top companies like NOW, Unilever, and Nestle, but I knew this wasn’t my true passion. I’ve always loved skin care, makeup and beauty and wanted to create something with meaning. High quality ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and most importantly a message that uniquely resonates with an individual’s personal goals for growth and change. By combining the power of mantras with our physical senses, creating connection to mind and body.

Touch: Nourishing Soft Skin
Sight: Captivating Vibrant Colors
Smell: Delicious Aromatic Fragrances
Taste: A Subtle Sweetness
Hearing: All the Compliments you’re going to get when you Walk in the Room 😉

PI is a beauty brand whose mission is to help individuals create positive change using our beauty products, by uplifting and providing inspiration that align with users’ unique personal goals while promoting healthy skin.

My goal is to encourage people to become their best selves by using Positive Intent, creating a ritual for positive change through the entanglement of the senses and energy within the products. I know PI can help you get there, manifest your dreams, start today.

All cosmetic products are hypoallergenic and FDA approved.